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About Us

D-Çetinkaya machines started its production in 1988 in a small workshop in the Imes industrial site.

Our Company takes its name from its founder Osman Çetinkaya.

Our Company operates in the construction machinery sector and manufactures concrete pipe machines, Manhole machines, prefabricated underfloor machines, forked elbow machines and moulds, pallets, fiber heads and all other equipments related to these machines.

It is exporting these machines to countries such as Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Nakhchivan Egypt, Uzbekistan, Kosovo, Romania, Nigeria, Qatar, Bulgaria, and Ethiopia.

Furthermore, D-Çetinkaya, in order to meet its primary needs and to create a new Market in the Turkish Industry, it has manufactured a double-process steel construction CNC vertical turning machine of 4000 mm diameter by investing hundred percent its own capital and launched it to the Turkish and world market.

Uniting its experience with the innovations brought by technology D-Çetinkaya continues its production in the industrial complex of Kurtköy in its indoor manufacturing facility on a surface area of 3000 sqm. It pursues its activities with the awareness that customer satisfaction lies in QUALITY, PRICE AND FASTNESS and has made them its principles.



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