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Ø 150 mm-Ø 600 mm Triple Concrete Piping Machine

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Machine Features
Construction (Main Body) :
Our machine construction is made of steel of A1 quality and high strength. It is made on special manufacturing bench with 0 scale and calibration; the balance defects that may be encountered in building site are removed. The upper pasting assembly group as well as the lower vibrator group of our machine are processed with CNC machine. Compared to the similar machines found on the market, it is 25% heavier. By this means, it is more long-lived and robust.


Vibrator System :
The vibrator system used in our machine is a closed-cycle permanent oil system. The lubricating system is automatically activated when the machine runs. The oil return control is ensured thanks to sensor, against user error safety is ensured on the panel. The bearings used within the vibrator are selected among SKF or FAG. The vibrator power adjustment is done VARIABLE on the control panel on request. That provides time and manpower savings for the customer.(There is absolutely no need to dismantle the vibrator from the machine for adjustment.)

Hydraulic System :
The hydraulic system used in our machine is BOSCH-REXROTH(German) trade mark. All hydraulic equipments used in the system, valves, pistons and other circuit components are first tested at BOSCH-REXROTH test center and then sent to our company. After having realized the machine mounting in our plant, the machine functioning of the system is then controlled, the necessary adjustments are made and then get ready for delivery. Our hydraulic units are installed inside the machine well in compliance with the worker's health and security requirements. By this means, the sound, temperature and field loss of the hydraulic unit is eliminated. There are temperature and oil level sensors on our hydraulic unit. Hence the system is always under control.

Control Panel :
The control panel of our machine is designed so as to allow the OPERATOR to easily use the machine. All of the materials used inside the panel are made by SCNEİDER (German). It is possible to adjust easily over the control panel the temperature of the hydraulic unit, oil level and vibrator power. Thus, it is possible to prevent work, labor and time losses.

Bunker And Mortar Dispenser
There is one mortar bunker of 1,5 m? capacity mounted on the machine. The mortar coming from the mortar bunker is homogeneously dispersed thanks to the mortar dispenser. There is also a chain protective cage over the mortar mixer.

Security And Sensor
Our machine is equipped with sensors and switches conformed to the health and safety at work. The operation sequences are adjusted with sensors so as to minimize the accidents caused by the operators. The security measures are ensured by installing steel covers over moving parts found around the machine. The machine well as well as other various points are equipped with EMERGENCY STOP button. It is possible to access and exit from the machine well thanks to a ladder delivered with the machine.

Product Transportation & Steam Curing
The products produced with our machine are first cured with steam and the taken with trolley. This trolley is made of steel with appropriate strength and lightness. Pneumatic type tires are used in order to carry the product to the field without any trouble. Carrying baskets are also delivered with the trolley. The diameter over Ø 150mm and Ø 200mm can also be transported with forklift with regards to the production speed.

Molds And Palletes
All molds and drawing tools manufactured are made of St52 steel. The molds and mold assembly plates are delivered with the machine. OUR PALLETES ARE MANUFCATURED IN COMPLIANCE WITH İLLER BANKASI STANDARDS AND DIN 4032-4035 NORMS. Our palettes are fully manufactured on CNC lathes. Our palettes are first packaged with special packing materials before delivery. There will be no oxidation trouble until the first use thanks to special protective wax.


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